Saturday, March 6, 2010

EezzyNour Collections List

Too busy to search what you're looking for? Don't worry, you can find almost all in EezzyNour Collections in just one click. It's easy!

EezzyNour Collections offers many different types of info. Many tips to enlighten your day will continuously be posted.  
EezzyNour Collections contain collections of:  
1. quotes to enlighten your day.
2. `pantun' to cherish your day and to keep our heritage alive.

It also contains: 
1. BMI calculator and info,
2. health tips,
3. pharmacy/pharmaceutical tips or info 
-visit EezzyNour Pharmacie Collections
Just visit
4. beauty tips,
5. fashion tips.
for a healthy, new and trendy life.

If you want to cook,
1. Cook Everything,
2. EezzyNour Recipe collections,
3. Cooking tips
are available.

If you are traveling, a world
1. weather updates,
2. driving maps,
3. currency converter,
4. translator,
5. prayer times, mosque info, qiblat etc,
6. traveling info or guides
are available to make your life easy. Everywhere you go, it's going to be easy!

If you want to buy something, 

EezzyNour Shoppe will guide you..
2. shopping tips
are available.

Want to send e-greetings or e-gifts to family and friends,
1. E-greetings and e-gifts 
is available.

Search engines are also available:
1. Search this blog,
2. YouTube Video search.

For muslims,
1. Doa collections,
2. prayer times, mosque info, qiblat, Islamic centres and other info for muslims
are available.

To increase your knowledge, many other additional info such as
1. Animal pictures and info Collections,
2. Eezzy's Believe It Or Not!
are available.

So, feel free to browse through and get useful information!
EezzyNour Collections is fun and easy for a  new, trendy, wonderful, healthy, happy and easy life..

Happy Browsing!!!

Best Regards,
Eezzy Nour