Saturday, October 19, 2013

How to apply a lip balm?

Wish for kissable lips? 

Apply lip balm frequently! (Remember to carry one in your pocket or purse). This will help to protect your lips while transform your lips to soft, smooth and kissable lips!

Lip balm is one of the essential cosmetics, applied to maintain the softness and lusciousness of the lips, especially during the hot or cool dry weather. It helps to relieve chapped or dry lips, angular cheilitis or stomatitis, and cold sores. The balm keeps the lips hydrated and helps them retain their shine. Some lip balms also protects the lips against the damaging effects of sunshine.

Lip balm provides an occlusive layer to the lip surface, which helps to seal moisture in lips and protect them against external exposure. Lip balm available in three forms, stick, tube and jar. Mostly, tiny containers are used to store the balm. 

Want to have an adorable lips?  

You need to buy the right lip balm and also know how to apply the it. 


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How to use your lip balm or  ECLAIRE Cellnergic Smooth and Shine Lip Balm.

  • Clean and rinse properly your lips and hands before applying lip balm. You may use a gentle lip scrub to clean and exfoliate your lips so that it becomes soft and smooth.
  • Gently dab dry your lips with a soft towel or tissue paper. 
  • Thoroughly dry your hands. Now your hands are clean. Always practice a good hygiene when use lip balm in a jar.
  • Open the lid of the jar. Remember to always tightly close the lid of the jar after use. Store in dry place, at room temperature, out of reach of children.
  • Place the clean dry index finger of your left/right hand against the balm and move it in a circle. You may also use a clean spatula or applicator instead of fingers to get the lip balm from the jar.
  • After getting the balm on your finger, gently place it on your lower lip and glide it horizontally from one end of the lip to the other.
  • Then place your finger on the upper lip. 


  • You may press your lips together and rub them together to evenly coat the lips.
  • You may use your finger to outline the contours and dips of your lips, to get rid of any excess lip balm.
  • Do not lick your lips. It may make your lips feel better temporarily, but you'll be making matters worse. Licking your lips has the same drying effect as constantly washing your hands; the repeated exposure to water actually robs moisture from the skin, causing it to become dry. The saliva dries out your lips, causing them to crack, split, or become chapped. one wants to kiss rough lips!

  • For a continuous hydrated, healthy, smooth and sexy lips, use ECLAIRE Cellnergic Smooth and Shine Lip Balm to protect your lips at all times, everyday and every where! 
  • Before use ÉCLAIRÉ Cellnergic product range for a first time, test your skin reaction first by applying the ÉCLAIRÉ product to small part of skin area (Avoid open wound skin areas). Follow the direction of use. If after few hours or 24 hours, there is no adverse reaction, begin using. If you experience any skin irritation during use, wash the skin and rinse thoroughly with water. If this skin sensitivity/irritation persists, seek medical advice. 
  • Read the label of your product container or product insert for contents/ingredients before use. Check if you are allergic to any of the ingredient. Please note that if skin sensitivity occurs or sign of irritation appear, consult your physician.